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Fitness means FREEDOM. Your fitness level shows the balance of your body’s strength to perform physically, your mind’s capacity to work and think about the important aspects of life. For living a healthy lifestyle, you need to remain fit with proper exercise and by maintaining a healthy diet. We have optimum fitness equipment that enables you to maintain a healthy body without leaving your home or letting you visit any GYM or Fitness center.

Fitness means owning a healthy mind, body, and spirit that allows you to maximize your potential and help others maximize their potential. Fitness can do WHAT you want and WHEN you want that’s why:

Sportsadda provides a great range of the latest home fitness equipment on rent to make your life simpler including Treadmills, Cross Trainers, rowers and Exercise Bikes, etc. All our equipment is branded and is in best working condition. We have lots of happy and satisfied customers in entire Delhi & NCR. Get the exercise you need in the comfort of your own home. Order equipment online and keep fit and healthy for whole life!

As we know buying new equipment’s costs high on budget and most of the people cannot afford it, but Sportsadda makes it simpler for people to avail any of the fitness and sports equipment at an affordable price with doorstep delivery and easy pickup without any extra service charge or hidden taxes.


Get Exclusive Sports Equipment and Kits on Rent with one of the most trusted sports rental platforms. No matter where your adventure leads you – on land or water.  We will provide you the latest equipment which fits your need and also not affect your pocket. Whether you’re cricket lover, Table tennis player, Tennis player or any other sports, you get exclusive Sports Rentals with Sportsadda. Our motive is to make your next adventure unforgettable!

You can also avail our weekly or monthly subscription to get the lowest price on the sports and fitness equipment. We have the cheapest price range as compared to other rental portals, and we start from just ₹150.

With our top-notch collection of well-maintained sports equipment, your satisfaction with Exclusive Sports Rentals is virtually guaranteed. If you’re looking for a genuinely memorable adventure without the hassle of bulky sports equipment ownership, Sportsadda Sports Rentals will provide you with an outstanding experience, every time at a very genuine price.

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