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“Sportsadda” provides a wide range of career options. Offering career options in the sector of multimedia and into web development along with web designing for the budding enthusiasts. With the tool of graphic designing to behold and create a new social platform to enhance our market further. For expanding our growth we require Business Development Associates into the picture to project to our clients the pitches for our products to be the most exquisite and extravagant products which we present at affordable retail prices, without the worry of maintenance for the fancy gadgets.

Product developers are also in need to advertize the products which are put up on rent along with the aid of a content writer for promotional messages and luring the clients into our rental tenures. Human Resource being one of the most important aspect of any organization helping us to building relationships with our clients. Along with the advertisement we require the risk analyst for our products which are put up on rent at retailed prizes alongside the making of profitable deals to our clients, providing them tenures to fulfill their needs.

Come and join “Sportsadda” make a worthwhile career for yourself and step up into a world of entrepreneurship and getting yourself acquainted with a lot of exposure and experience, with our company.

Come and join the Sportsadda team.Mail your CV on careers@sportsadda.