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Table tennis - Benefits of hiring table tennis on rent instead of buying it

Table tennis - Benefits of hiring table tennis on rent instead of buying it

Sportsadda is widely played as we cater a game to people of all ages, fitness levels and skill levels. You don't need much space to install it, and you can play table tennis indoors or outdoors in your own home. This low-impact and therefore low-risk game offers mental, physical, emotional and social benefits.


A table tennis table for rent in Delhi is also known as a ping-pong game. It is a sport in which two or four players hit a ball back and forth across a table using small bats. We have discussed many benefits of table tennis and why you should hire it for rent instead of buying it in this blog. These include improving coordination and reflexes, burning calories, toning your body, sharpening your brain and learning new tricks that you can apply in other areas of your life.


Benefits of playing table tennis?


Let's discuss the importance of table tennis and the physical and health benefits you can get from playing it.


1. No pressure on the joints


Table tennis is a low-risk game compared to other popular sports such as football, basketball, wrestling or running. There is less chance of injury because table tennis does not put too much stress on your joints. Instead of that, it will strengthen your core, arms, and legs.


2. Improves mental health


This means you need to be mentally alert and aware of your surroundings. These coordination benefits of playing table tennis will also be evident in your everyday life as the game sharpens your reflexes and develops your powers of concentration and tactical strategy.


3. Improve your balance


This game requires you to have balance in coordinating your movements to maintain a stable position while generating enough power for your shots. Thanks to the health benefits of table tennis in the form of improved balance, agility and flexibility, the game is also suitable for older players.


4. Helps to burn calories


The speed, power, running, jumping, stretching and flexing of the muscles while playing table tennis offer a great cardiovascular workout that burns 272 calories for a 150-pound player in one hour of play.


5. Suitable for all ages


Older, obese players and players with health problems can also enjoy the health benefits of table tennis, such as improved alertness, memory, mental acuity, and concentration, as well as the physical benefits of tennis, such as quick reflexes, a toned body, weight loss, and coordination.


Benefits of hiring table tennis on rent instead of buying it?


If you are a beginner, organizing a family get-together, going on a staycation with the family or friends and want to play different games like table tennis, cricket etc. Then you don't need to buy a table tennis table for a few days or else switch your Plan. Sportsadda is here to help you at an affordable price. Just book your favourite game through our website sportsadda. in and our dedicated team will deliver it to your doorsteps. Enjoy it whenever or wherever you want. You can enjoy such expensive games, and sports at a very reasonable cost, which is less than your gym fees.


1. Pocket friendly

2. Get a new table

3. Organize the play zone at your own pace

4. Install in 20 minutes

5. Deliver at your doorsteps

6. Pick-up from your place




Sportsadda wants you to provide the leisure service at your place. You just need to sit back on your boss chair and relax. Our team will take care of it. If you would like to arrange a party for your family to bring all together, we are here to help you to organize all the amazing and different types of games and activities at your home. The benefit of hiring on rent from sportsadda. in that, you can enjoy your favourite games at staycation for a month at a very affordable price in your own space. You can keep the games, assets and pieces of equipment till the time you want.